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Marie’s lecture which she gave in Poland on Friday, 24th June 2016, was filmed in its entirety.  Marie speaks in Dutch and Aleksandra does the translation into Polish. However, we added English subtitles (please make sure subtitling is turned ON by clicking on the icon at the bottom right corner of the video)

In the video below you can see a highlight from one of the Morya Courses, given in Ghent, 2010. Geert is easily and calmly expressing what Master Morya transmits to him telepathically. Approximately 50 people were sitting in the audience. Geert was a very modest person, by nature not seeking to be the center of attention, and, as a result, there is not much video footage of him and his work in existence.  

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Geert aan het werk
Geert during one of his lectures (Marie sitting on the floor in the background)

Geert en Laura
Geert on one of his many walks with Laura

Geert vroeger
Geert 30 years ago

Geert aan het werk
Geert working

Geert en vrienden
Geert with a few of his best friends

Geert kleinkinderen
Geert is sowing beans with the grandchildren

Geert taart
Geert is forced to pose with his home-made pie (Geert was a very good cook!)

Geert kleine Marie
Geert and little Marie (in 1984)

Geert kinderen
Geert with Sarah, Thomas, Bea and Hermes (big to small)

Geert with Lydia in India

Geert Warsaw 2011
Geert and Marie in Poland in 2011 (Warsaw)

Geert and Marie in Poland in 2011 (Czestochowa)

Polen 2011
The Morya team in Poland.

Geert and Marie in Poland in 2011 (Sulejowek)

Geert and Marie in Poland in 2012 (Sczcecin)

Geert speaks in Engels, the interpreter translates with utmost concentration.

Geert and Marie in Poland in 2012 (Warsaw)