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Overview of 9 key themes and basic principles of Master Morya.

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Master Morya's views on various interesting topics.


Choose a text and try out a simple meditation.


All kinds of lectures and visual material around Master Morya's books and texts.

Full moon letters:

Online archive of full moon texts that you can consult as an oracle or a daily guidance.

Master Morya about Himself

"Some of you will recognize the deepness of life as a conscious energy without seeing a person or something personal therein. Others will see this deepness as something personal. It really doesn’t make much difference because the divine consciousness is active in each of these elements.

What I want to say is that on the way to the Divine you will meet Me as a guiding figure. I have always been such a figure on this Earth and will always be a guiding figure. It is My job to help people."

About Morya groups:

What are Morya groups?

Practical guidelines for groups.

Content Advice from Master Morya:

Quotes and excerpts in which Master Morya gives golden advice on getting together with others.

Starting your own group

Starting a group is not at all as difficult or formal as you might think.

Meditations for groups:

Some excerpts in which Master Morya gives special exercises and group meditations.

Mayil eNews - September 2023

Dearest eNews reader,
Slow but steady work is continually going on behind the scenes, not only in Dutch, but also in English, German and Polish. Personally, I always feel torn between—on the one hand, desperately feeling like screaming "It all needs to go so much faster, people deserve new books!" and, on the other hand, the quiet calm confidence of my heart letting me know that "All's well and everything is perfectly timed." Master Morya sides with the calmness of my heart; after all, (...)

Meditation for the full moon of 29th September 2023:

Master Morya,

"It makes no sense to hurry in whatever it is you are doing, in whatever direction you have chosen to go. You might be hurried in your work or in your efforts to deepen your life, but it’s really senseless since it doesn’t make anything go more quickly and even causes you to miss things. When you are working in a hurry there are often things you fail to notice, and this is then the mistake you make. You should be able to come to a certain peace and relaxation when you are working, in order to establish an inner contact with what you are doing, for this is always crucial. (...)

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