Geert Crevits, the man,
the inner life, the telepathy

Geert was born in 1944, in a small village not far from the Belgian coast where, in his own opinion, he spent a happy childhood.  He was not particularly enthusiastic about the subject matters taught in school.  When he was 20 he became a certified teacher.  His piano teacher wanted him to go on to study music; his arts teacher urged him to attend the art academy; the psychology teacher regretted the fact he didn’t want to continue pursuing his subject; the school principal offered him a job in his training school and his mother had even found him a girl friend.  But Geert wanted none of all that. 

In Geert’s own words:  “I didn’t even consider any of it; my decision was made and I stood firm as a rock, I wanted nothing of all this.  What I wanted was to enter the monastery.  I had read about the Carthusians and this seemed ideal for me.  I tried to break the news as carefully as I could to my mother, but she told me it sounded to her as if I would be buried alive.  It was the first time in my life I saw her crying for my sake.  I felt so much love for her and couldn’t stand to see her weeping.  So I proposed to her that I would think it over for a few more weeks before taking a final decision.  Later I came up with some new proposals, basically the same thing only a little toned down, but mother continued to weep……"

"Eventually we were able to reach a provisional compromise, I would study to become a priest.  The seminary wasn’t at all bad.  It meant I had a world of time, which I filled to the brim with self-study and prayer.  I didn’t care too much for the academic subjects and followed my own course. I would only study and cram before an exam, something I was used to doing anyway, it was all far removed from my life."

"Yet, still, from the age of 16 I worked virtually day and night.  I never wasted a minute."

"During the years before going into the seminary, the development of my longing for God - my cry for God, the aspiration - was such that there was in fact no more space left for anything else. I couldn’t have survived not satisfying this longing.  Nothing could detract me from targeting my life towards God.  And now that I had been given some time, I thrust myself into it with all of my being, all of my force, all of my heart, all of my soul. Whether or not another person would be able to understand me was the very least of my worries.” 

“Others saw me changing, but couldn’t understand. Each saw something different.”

“God became my Father, my Mother, my promise, my knowledge, my everything.”

After seven years of seminary studies, Geert would apply himself to the manifold work of being a priest, teacher and study supervisor, as well as taking care of the 120 boarding school children on his own.

Geert then leaves the church and begins a new chapter in his life. He is 37 years old.
He meets Lydia and goes to live with her and her four children. In the summer of 1982 Geert has the first inner contact with Master Morya. The first ten years of this contact remains behind closed doors. Every night, together with Lydia, Geert writes down a lot of study material, from Master Morya or sometimes also from other Masters. Besides this, Geert and Lydia meditate a lot and, naturally, also do all the work it takes to keep the house running smoothly and to make ends meet. They marry in January of 1983 in the town house of De Pinte, where they run a health food shop. Marie and Laura are also born here.

In 1992 the family moves to Bruges where they start with the ‘Elewout Centre’, named after the Angel who came to them in 1982. They begin organizing some programmes that have a spiritual or universal leaning.

In 1993 Lydia goes to India where she gets confirmation from the Avatar Swami Premananda, that it’s truly Master Morya. In 1994 Geert too goes to India and receives the same confirmation from a smiling Swami Premananda, adding that it is good to continue this work.

In what concerns work-related matters Master Morya is generally consulted. While drafting the bi-monthly activity leaflet they often consider the possibility of doing something around the subject of Master Morya. In reply to their question of whether it would be good to organize an evening of ‘channeling’ Master Morya always replies: “No, you shouldn’t do that.” However, once Lydia formulates the question differently and asks if they should announce an evening of ‘telepathy’. The reply comes as a bit of a shock: “Yes, I have been waiting for that for a long time. But add….as a service.”

They immediately realize how important it is to point out the quality of the contact between Geert and Master Morya and how important this is to MM. He made them wait for months without giving any further explanations, time after time.

The evening programs around Master Morya, called ‘Telepathy as Service’, begin on May 3, 1993 and Geert talks about how the contact originated and he delivers s a telepathically received ‘general message’ for the group, after which everyone also receives a personal message. Everything was recorded and written down. Later on, as the messages become longer, they are typed out and sent out by post. Still later on, everyone receives their own cassette with the recording of their personal message. Then comes the changeover to computer, cd and mp3. Those who transcribe their personal messages on paper, find themselves with pages and pages of invaluable information.

The story of his life with God and with the Masters will be related by Geert countless time, at every new group meeting. He will reply to many questions and give many, many thousands of personal messages, in public halls and privately. Programmes are organized in Belgium and the Netherlands, and during the final years, also in Poland.

In 1994 MM asks whether Geert would like to give a course, to be called ‘A deeper sense of life’. No sooner asked than done ……even though at that moment Geert had no idea of what this might entail. It turns out to be three afternoons, with just a handful of people present. What was to become the very first book is recorded in Geert’s amiable voice. In the course of the next 18 years, 42 similar public courses take place. In the the Netherlands they are called “Joy of life”. It is Master Morya’s way of conveying a universal message for the people of today and also tomorrow.

In reply to questions about the telepathy, MM explains that Geert’s contact with Him happens from the soul, through a unity on the same level. Because Geert had a unity with his soul, this soul is able to unite with the Master and in that way, during the telepathy, his consciousness partly converges with a small part of Master Morya’s consciousness.

In 1995 Lydia buys a computer and founds Mayil Publishing House to publish the Morya materials. The first website is set up in 1998. In 2001 the first electronic 'eNews' goes out in Dutch, with a text from MM on the occasion of the full moon. (Up until this time the newsletters had been sent by post.) Books are sent to book shops and private individuals. Work on the translation of the MM material in different languages begins. All of these activities and work is made possible thanks to the ready help of friends, together with a lot of love.

Geert en Lydia (2006)

From 2007 onwards, Geert records all personal messages beforehand at home and burns them on cds, for the first time leaving him with time for personal contact with the people during the public programmes. What had previously been ‘public telepathy evenings’ now become ‘Morya days’. In a relaxed atmosphere Geert goes more deeply into the wise words of MM and replies to questions. There are no more private consultations, but personal messages are still being sent out by post or through the internet.

In the summer of 2007 Marie starts working full time for Mayil Publishing House and in the organization around the work of Master Morya. Besides dealing with public relations, she occupies herself with managing subscriptions and payment, sending out books and cds, organizing Morya days and handling all the computer side of things. She also brings a new energy to the websites, the books and new projects. The translations in various languages (English, Polish, German, Croatian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian) are being nicely coordinated and start to move along well.

In March, 2012, Geert, Lydia, Marie and Martine-Maria establish ‘vzw Mayil', an official non-profit organization to secure Master Morya’s mission for the far future.

Geert has regular trouble with his health. Especially during the last years he has difficulty sleeping and often suffers with back pain. But the joy of working for the Beloved Master is enough for him to continue working virtually non-stop, even though his health keeps deteriorating.

Geert will continue his ‘telepathy service’ until June 14th, 2012. The last message is for the lovely young woman, Sandra Vogels.

In July of 2112 Geert feels really terrible. As the weeks pass he becomes seriously ill and on August 22 is admitted to hospital. On September 6th he dies in the presence of Lydia and the youngest son. During his final moments here, with a blissful smile on his lips and eyes filled with ecstatic wonder, Geert gazed for minutes on end at ‘the other side’ and then gently and beautifully passed away.

At the funeral friends and family spoke open-heartedly about what Geert meant to them.  You can read these first-hand accounts on the page ‘what do people say about Geert?’. These testimonies give a good reflection of who Geert was and of his 68 years as a man amongst the people. 

On without Geert?

There are, of course, no more personal messages and live Morya courses, but the rest of the work continues with Marie, Lydia, Martine-Maria, translators and volunteers. One by one, every course not yet published will be published and translated in many different languages. We will also keep giving our attention to cards, applications and other special projects, as we go along.

Master Morya is always there

Through the countless personal messages, Master Morya has clearly proved that He knows each individual person; that He knows exactly what He needs to tell us and what He shouldn’t tell us. He knows precisely what to say to give us what we need – whether that be comfort, strength or insight. Even today, Master Morya still continues to help all of us in different ways.

Whenever you feel in need of help or advice, you can pray to Him, invite Him in your meditation and into your heart. Open one of His books and read a bit, or pick one of His cards. Master Morya’s love and wisdom are always there, ready to guide and protect you. Do read the texts under ‘Master Morya about Himself’ and 'What does MM say about...?'