If you would like to support Master Morya’s work and at the same time also receive something nice in return, we have a few ‘sponsor items’ available, please request them by contacting us!


Morya puzzle (500 p.) (75 euros)

Morya puzzel


Morya reproduction (200 euros)

Morya canvas
Linen on wooden frame, 43x50cm



Bientôt en français


"Mayil vzw" is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by Geert, his wife Lydia and their daughter Marie, to give an enduring and official form to the future of the mission and work of Master Morya (through Geert, since 1985). All activities of Morya.org, Mayil Publishing House, www.hetleven.be and www.down-and-feathers.net fall under this non-profit organisation. This official legal form sees to it that if the association generates a profit, all of it is invested back into its good cause.

Even though the work is becoming increasingly more international, the size of our organization is still very modest, with only a handful of people volunteering their time and work, for the most part, to help realize this idealistic story and so introduce as many people as possible to the exceptional wisdom imparted by Master Morya.

Despite our low costs, our turnover (from the publishing house and activities) is not always sufficient enough to be able to expand, publish new books and realize other projects. To remain solvent we usually wait with investments until they are justifiable, so your donation really enables more projects!

If you have a European bank account, you can make a bank transfer without incurring any costs:
IBAN: BE80738035148677
name: MAYIL vzw
address: Proosdijstraat 99, 8020 Oostkamp (Belgium)
Statement: “donation from your first name + last name

Insert the IBAN and BIC-numbers in the form for "international" or "european" transfers. Choose for "shared costs", then your transfer will be totally cost free.

We’d like to hear from you! Why not send us an email so that we can stay in contact and also thank you for your kind help.
Email: marie(a)morya.org (replace (a) by @)