'Telepathy and Intuitive Development'

by Marie Crevits, in English, Dutch or French

One of the main focus points of this course is the learning of a technique that allows you to make a clear telepathic soul contact with all living beings, including yourself.

Telepathy is always primarily an inner process, but by using the talents and possibilities of the human body it becomes much easier to learn. The technique is a mix of two persons holding hands, typing letters and feeling the subtle movement of the soul within the hands - you can compare it to the hand that moves when using a pendulum. We learn how to feel this subtle movement in combination with an inner knowing of the other person’s message. This inner knowing is within the reach of everyone, you just have to want to listen to it and learn to distinguish it from your thoughts, feelings and insecurities. The use of the hands technique is extremely helpful in this learning process because if you start to type something that is wrong, the subtle movement in the hands will clearly resist. We begin with simple exercises and gradually build up to real telepathy at the end of the course. 

The telepathic exercises are alternated with different subjects and other practical exercises giving you more control and greater background about you as a human being. What are thoughts and how can you control them? What are feelings and how can you deal with them? What is your heart and how can you make use of it? What is intuition and how can you develop it? Who is God and how can we feel connected to God? How to understand dreams. How to make the right decisions and choices in life. How to deal with people. How to free ourselves from manipulations. How to deal with family. What is telepathy and why does it work? What is the correct way to use it? All these subjects and many more can be discussed, according to the interests of the group. 

Marie Crevits is 31 and has been using the telepathic technique since 2003 to communicate with her Down Syndrome sister who doesn’t talk. Since before her birth, Marie’s parents, Geert and Lydia, were busy with telepathy and other spirituality. Geert had a telepathic contact with Master Morya for 30 years, through which he gave personal messages to thousands of people around the world. He also wrote books, which are now in the process of being translated into several different languages. Marie’s mother, Lydia, regularly conducts spiritual family constellations and gives healing to people. /

"I was pleasantly surprised about the way in which Marie conveys the information: naturally and spontaneous; simple tools which are easy to use; very enriching and inspiring."

"So simply put, clear and useful!"Bruges

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