Master Morya

Who is Master Morya?

To talk in truth and in an accessible way about a Master of Wisdom is no easy feat.  But who better to talk about Master Morya than He himself? Below you will find fragments from the books where He talks about his life, his tasks and about his connection with people. Meester Morya, schilderij door Rita Pulmans, copyright Mayil vzw

Master Morya about himself

Logo MM"Your inner life is what will be the most important thing. There I am going to do things that are essential for your evolution. You can count on Me – not so that you meet Me at a street corner somewhere, but rather that you feel Me in your being and that you know, “He is here, He is concerned with me.”

And yet I don’t expect any gratitude from you. You must dare to live your lives. Try to look at your own life and try to progress in it. I will provide the external circumstances. This is an advantage for you, the fact that you don’t have to worry about that. And yet you will be constantly confronted with challenges in the exterior world. You will have to make your own way in it and try to do your own things. You mustn’t expect to notice or see very definite things from Me. The temptation will be there to ask, “Is something actually happening? It’s been said, but is it really so?” It must be said that I take account of all factors and all circumstances.

You should know that when you think you are alone, you are mistaken. I can see you. I know who you are, I know how I can deal with you and what is important for you." Master Morya

Extract from Morya Wisdom 1, chapter 14

Logo MM Question: Master Morya is able to talk to us but why is it that we can’t hear Him?

The expectations of the Hierarchy

"When I speak to people, what I am actually doing is giving them energy. Some people will be more receptive to this energy than others though I may be telling them the same thing. I am busy with thousands of people, especially political leaders. I talk with these people and give them specific dreams and specific instructions. I teach them, even at night, so that they will do things here on Earth that correspond to the expectations of the Hierarchy. I am occupied with a very busy programme, but within this programme each individual reacts differently. Each person’s response is different. All of you are able to respond in your own way.

Becoming conscious of these things is not at all easy but it may very well be that now and then you will feel fragments of yourself vibrating in unison, so that suddenly you realize, “Oh, that’s it, now I understand it too.” Thus, My words carry energy and you will see that the more you are busy with these texts, the closer you will come to the right energy and the more things will change in your life." Master Morya

Extract from Morya Wisdom 1, chapter 9b

Logo MM"Open yourself as much as you can for the Divine Reality; so much more is possible therein than in ordinary life. I want to emphasize the fact there are Masters and Sages, there are people who can help each other, and your love is the same as My love. There is perhaps a difference in degree but it’s the same love. Love is love; love comes from God; love brings an energy capable of transforming the person and the self, of revealing the self. Once you realise this you will begin to work with your own power and we will stand side by side, we will be going forward in the same direction. If you are honest with yourself you’ll notice yourself coming to the same conclusions, coming up with the same ideas as Me. The only difference is your expression of it will be completely different from Mine but it will be the same truth. We will be coming out with the same thing. We are able to reach to the deepness of life and bring it to expression.

It’s important for people to try to do this and to approach the deepness of their own lives so they can make a connection with other people who can and dare to live in the same way. “This is quite a job,” you’ll say, and yet it’s achievable, especially for this generation.

You’ll meet Me on your way to the Divine

Never before on this Earth have the opportunities for people ever been so great, at least in certain areas. Not everywhere on Earth, but in certain parts of the world there is a development happening on the mental level that is now nearly completed, and presents the question, “And now, how do we go on from here? With our minds we can’t go any further because we aren’t able to find any more solutions that can reasonably be worked out.” Then you should be able to discover that there are still solutions to be found, but in another direction. And the question is then, “Where is this direction? Where is this deepness and how can we make contact with this deepness?”

This deepness - you should know - is populated. It isn’t a vacant space; this deepness has a mouth, it has eyes, ears and a great consciousness. Some of you will recognize the deepness of life as a conscious energy without seeing a person or something personal therein. Others will see this deepness as something personal. It really doesn’t make much difference because the divine consciousness is active in each of these elements. What I want to say is that on the way to the Divine you will meet Me as a guiding figure. I have always been such a figure on this Earth and will always be a guiding figure. It is My job to help people." Master Morya

Extract from Morya Wisdom 2, chapter 5

Logo MM"I can help you with certain things and I will do so; and, whatever you may think, it won’t be by talking. I am speaking to you today with this intention: I want to wake you up. But the real help will come to you in the everyday reality of your life. There I will intervene; there I will let you feel who I am; there I will arrange things and turn certain things around; there I will work with energies, advising you, strengthening you, instilling you with stirrings that make you attract other realities to yourself, and so forth.

But you are the one who will do it, not Me. I will create the circumstances. For instance, I will say something or other and you won’t understand Me; in fact you won’t even hear Me, but because I shall have said it, it will have an effect. In this way I am giving you My attention.

This work is completely different from the work you imagine Me doing. I can’t explain it to you because My world is so very different from yours, even though we live in the same world. Yet I reckon with different measures, I refer to different things, place you in different realities, confront you with energies you don’t yet know. But a short time from now you will have experienced so much that you will know more, you will be able to do more and many things will be clearer to you. This is what it’s all about: you must become someone. I am someone – you must become someone. There is a bit of difference between ‘being’ and ‘becoming’.

The Master suffers more

I am someone, even though in other areas I am in the process of becoming, I have travelled My path in the area about which I am speaking. I have nothing more to search for there; I know what I am talking about, I know what I am doing, I am no longer busy with it, I’m not involved with it in the same sort of way.

My attention is on your heart, on your life. I play within the Divine, I work within the Divine, I reckon with the Divine. My measure is another measure. That’s why it’s so easy for Me to work with people. It doesn’t take any energy for Me, not in the same degree. On the other hand, I suffer more than you because I can so clearly see what it is people need. This is My suffering, knowing: he should do this and that, and then I advise him according to his capabilities. If he doesn’t take the advice this is too bad, but that’s the way it is. Therefore, I have to take account of time. Patience, patience, patience. I can’t do otherwise than reckon in terms of hundreds of years.

I have to take into account who you are at this moment

This, then, is My life. It stretches over hundreds of years. I am busy with plans that will only be fully realised some two or three thousand years from now. We are working on this now.

It makes no sense to speak about these things to you because by that time, where will you be? By then you could be My colleague, but then our relationship would be different. Now I have to take into account who you are at this moment, and I do this, at each moment. That is also the reason I am dictating this book. My intention in doing so is to give you guidance, a real support.

Actually it’s only, so to say, a contact, a contact with your soul, with your spirit, your inner self. This contact is very important, both for Me and for you, if you can follow what I’m saying. If you can’t follow it doesn’t matter. If you are able to understand, it can become very important because then you will be able to do very many things with it in your life, and in the future you’ll see that these ideas I’ve put to you will keep becoming clearer; you will begin living with them, you will be able to use them to give your life direction and they will help enlighten you in this changing, turbulent and transforming world. For this world is in the midst of a fabulous transformation, and you will take part in it. I want to keep repeating the fact you should - with patience - try to turn yourself in that direction." Master Morya

Extract from Morya Wisdom 2, chapter 5

Logo MM"Each power going out from Me to you has a goal. I am engaged with your life, I like you, I love you. This means there are things emanating from Me that have a bearing on your life. I’m organizing your life. This means I can see you, I am following you, I’m busy with you and you will experience this. If not today, then tomorrow, the day after, in a month, a year ... no matter, it will come. Don’t sit and wait for it; there will come a time you will hear My step, feel My presence, behold My love; things will happen in your life because it’s My intention to be busy with you.

I am engaged with the lives of very many people on this Earth, but My intention is especially to engage Myself with you. You may refuse My help, you need not accept it, you can pretend not to know Me, you can do whatever you like on this Earth, nevertheless, My help will be there. In case you really don’t want Me at all, purposefully, then I’ll withhold My help and you may do whatever you please, in your own way, without My help. It doesn’t matter.

Many people are busy with themselves in the wrong way

I am involved with very many things on this Earth and one of the things I would like people to do is to come to themselves, always searching further for their own essentiality. Each person has a significance for himself or herself. First and foremost, each and every person has his or her own significance.

This significance is not necessarily self-evident, it isn’t clear and can’t be seen directly, therefore a person much search for it. Only exceptionally will there be someone who can feel of himself what he wants; but most people are busy with themselves in the wrong way. They don’t know how to live because they don’t trust themselves. This is the great thing people need to learn, to learn to trust themselves. A person must gain this trust from himself, he or she must acquire it, must secure it. The person with the greatest self-confidence is the one who has dared to live." Master Morya

Extract from Morya Wisdom 2, chapter 10

Logo MM"Being wide awake in life, daring to live, infinity of existence, warm-hearted companionship, stillness of mind, virtue in your actions, these are all things I keep repeating and repeating and repeating, because these are the truths of life. In this way we will go along on the way together. I will mould you into the person you should be, but you will do the work.

Don’t bother about what I do. You are the one doing it and yet I am forming you. How can you understand this? For now, I will just leave it at that. Later, you will find you are being supported, like I’ve said, and you will have to discover it yourself because the support you will be given will come from your own life, from the trust you will gain in your own existence. You won’t see Me and yet I shall be standing on your path. On occasion you might see Me but you won’t recognize Me, for I am in that person next to you and I can allow him to do and say things you don’t recognize, but that originate from Me.

The Masters have a connection to one another, We are teachers and We do what is necessary for people, through them, with them and in them. This is the reason you can’t find Us, but We are here. This is no fairy tale but a reality. The discovery of this fairy tale is what brings us together, for it also involves a striving, a striving for unity, also for Me. I am someone who stands in life in My own way, I have My path; and by being here with you in this manner I am again shaping My own way. I am no different from you and we can learn from one another. I can learn much more from you than you can from Me." Master Morya

Extract from Morya Wisdom 2, chapter 14

Logo MM"You can always ask and turn to the Divinity, to whichever person or whatever aspect of the Divinity. You can turn to anyone who lives with the Divinity: to saints, to great beings who have appeared on Earth and belong to the Divine, to the gods and short, to the one God. Because each deity who appears on this Earth is in reality a certain aspect of the one God: there is but one God. One God who supports everything and also resides in you and in Me and who is the same one God.

Therefore, on this entire Earth and throughout the whole of the universe and all of existence, there is but one great, real force, a force that provides for everything in His/Her time, that preserves everything, controls and takes care of everything and drives its development. We are all engaged with this one single power, but on different levels. Therefore, I know God in another way than you know Him/Her, and yet it is the same God, but we know Him/Her differently. This doesn’t make any difference, because we are all together. I am with you and you are with Me. Even if you aren’t aware of this, it’s still a fact. I am present in your life, so that I can know everything about your life and so that I can take account of everything. This doesn’t mean I always do that; I have My own reasons for this. I can’t explain it all. In essence I am connected with many thousands, millions of people, with whom I am active and very consciously busy; thus, I know what I am doing. It’s a fact that, very gradually, people will be able to come to the Divinity, and that is what we are busy with. We have all learned it and we must learn it and keep learning it.

Whoever we may be, we carry a great responsibility, namely the responsibility to become ourselves and to try to reach the Divinity in one or other life here upon this Earth. The important thing is: “on this Earth”. Master Morya

Extract from Morya Wisdom 3, chapter 3

Logo MM"From the moment that you open yourself for Me, your life will undergo a transformation. Not that you will directly notice this, but you’ll discover that I am around you and near you and that more tenderness comes into your life. Thus, a new kind tenderness will come to your life. Though you might have the impression that I am hard, this is not so. In essence I am soft. I’m very tender and am not unacquainted with mother love. I was a warlord and am still one, but I do it in My own way. My weapon is love, I fight with love and I surround you with love. I work in such a way so as to bring change to your life. Not so that you can gauge it, yet it’s very real and very essential." Master Morya

Extract from Morya Wisdom 3, chapter 3

Logo MM"When My own consciousness looks at this Earth, it is so inclusive that I can, in a manner of speaking, penetrate, take up, process and give back everything on this Earth. And yet I still stay here on this Earth because there is an infinity that keeps captivating me, and because the Divine energy keeps Me here. It makes that I, in connection with infinity, can let this Earth be itself and can always better allow it to be itself." Master Morya

Extract from Morya Wisdom 3, chapter 4

Logo MM"When you look lovingly at people you will tranform yourself and grow in power. Do it and believe it can happen.  Believe in renewal, then I will always be at your side. 

Sometimes you will begin to notice this, and sometimes you will have the feeling you can sense My presence.  I will bless you, I will always be concerned with you, and there will come a moment when you will sense that this is really so.  Know then that you are working with new things and that I will be with you whenever you need Me. 

I know what I want, I know what I am saying and I know what I am doing.  This means that, in your life, you, too, are able to know what you want, are able to know what you are saying and are able to know what you are doing.  You, too, have to be able to come and stand by My side. I'm definitely asking this of you: that you come stand by My side, just as I stand by your side. 

This shows you believe in transformation and in your self-renewal; it means you can express it and that you dare to wage the battle here on this Earth.  Don't go to heaven, but ask heaven to come here on Earth.  Ask for help in your daily work, but don't go to the other side, it is not yet time.  Now is the time to work hard here on this earth, and with this earth, but most of all time to work hard on your own inner Self, your own divine being. Try to discover this, try to live with it and, if you can't, ask for help.  Ask for wisdom, ask for support, ask for love, ask for patience.  Ask for things you think are important in your life, and know you will be supported.  I bless you."  Master Morya

Extract from Morya Wisdom 5, chapter 17

Logo MM"Because the experience of life lies enclosed within you. The experience of what is true, what is real, is a part of your soul.  This soul experience, which lies enclosed within you and which is brought to expression in your life, is the goal of your existence.

It is an expansion of consciousness, by which you can be happy with these moments, because you know they can never leave you. It also enables you to understand others. There isn't a gulf between you and the other. There isn't a gulf between you and Me. We can understand each other: you can understand Me, and I you.

This is because the Divinity is present in Me as well as in you, which is why such a great interchange is possible. This also offers you the possibility to learn to know yourself. I also know Myself only in part, because even though I am provided with infinite possibilities, there are yet things I cannot understand. There is an evolution for you and an evolution for Me. An evolution never comes to a standstill; it is a never-ending process. We can move in every direction, make discoveries in all directions, and advance forward.

There never comes an end to discoveries, but it should never become a burden. The journey should be a joyful one. Learn to evolve with joy and also learn to give joy a place in your heart. This is something I will always stress: It is really necessary for people to step out of the daily grind in order to be able to experience joy and be in a state to keep going further in the discovery of the lives." Master Morya

Extract from Morya Wisdom 8, chapter 11

quote Master Morya

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