Local Morya groups

What, why and how?

symbool“It’s a new age, an age of cooperation, an age of groups and organisations. It is an age of coming up for the Self, an age of reaching out to the soul, reaching out to the divine guidance that you can find in your own heart. It’s a time of awakening, especially upon this earth.” (Morya Wisdom 4, chapter 7)

In many of his books Master Morya encourages people to come together in small groups and this is how several genuine ‘Morya groups’ have come into being. Some of these groups meet to discuss the Morya Wisdom books, other read and discuss the full-moon texts that appear in the newsletters, some groups meditate together and yet others follow the Morya Wisdom Workbook. Each group may decide for themselves what they would like to do and how to go about it.

If you would also like to start an own group, please go ahead and do so!  We encourage all new initiatives.  You can start a group with even only two people, so any living room should do. The one who is organizing the meeting usually asks for a small amount (e.g. 2 euros) to cover the expenses of refreshments (cookies, tea/coffee etc.).  If you inform us of your group, we can mention it on this page and in the following newsletter. 

Master Morya's advice for groups

You can find quite a few bits of useful advice from Master Morya about how to practically make a group succeed on the page "What does MM say about groups?"

Local groups


United Kingdom

at Sofie's - sofiegauri(a)gmail.com
-> Morya "Book Club", reading and discussing the Morya books in English. Please contact Sofie for the address and the dates of upcoming meetings.



Belgium has at least 9 local groups.
Please go to the Dutch group page to view their information.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands also has several local groups.
Please go to the Dutch group page to view their information.

Other countries

If you would like to start a group in your home, please contact us! We will be most happy to assist you in any way we can.