In memoriam

in memoriam Geert Crevits
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then the blessed Krishna spoke to the impeccable Arjuna:

'come to know my higher nature, the principle of life which maintains the universe. know that I am the womb of all creatures. I am the source from which the whole cosmos emanates and the pool in which it sinks away.

you are from me, not me in you but you in me. so direct all of your attention to me, let me be your refuge. so you shall come to me, because I am your highest goal.'

(from the magnificent Bhagavad Gita)

Swami Premananda gave Geert the spiritual name Arjuna.

Geert Crevits
20th Feb 1944 - 6th Sept 2012

In rememberance of Geerts golden heart and life of wisdom. 

In his presence everyone was able to feel loved, special and understood.

Our heartfelt gratitude for everyones concern, prayers, tokens of sympathy and friendship.


The funeral addresses were filled with words of gratitude
and heartfelt sympathy for Geert’s remarkable life.

Read them on the page about "What do people say about Geert?


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Thursday morning, the day of Geert’s death, a service was performed for him in the Ashram of Swami Premananda, in India. And on September 18, 2012, an atma shanty yagam will be conducted in the Sri Premeshvarar temple. This is a fire ceremony that, according to the ancient tradition of the Vedas and the puranas, cannot be done before the 13th day of the person’s passing. 

It is not only beneficial for the peace of the deceased’s soul, but also for all the people who are busy with him in their thoughts and feelings.

The body of a person who lived in purity continues to be a carrier of energy after death and that is why we will lovingly entrust Geert’s body to the earth.  All the flowers that were placed here on the coffin today will be taken along to the gravesite, as well as most of the flowers from Geert’s own garden.
Yesterday we also lined the inside of the coffin with very many roses and rose petals.

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After everyone dropped a flower onto the coffin, the boys (and girls) jointly filled the pit with earth.