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August 2020

Dearest eNews reader,

This month's reflective text is taken from the new Dutch book, currently at the printers, that will be coming out next month. We chose this excerpt especially for all those readers who feel themselves involved with the current situations in the world, who are concerned and wonder how they could possibly deal with them. With eRegards from Lydia and Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 3rd August 2020

Master Morya,

“There are always people who will have concerns about situations on this earth. It is important to engage yourself in that, but not too much. This earth has its own ways, its own intentions and its own outcomes, and sometimes you can intervene in that but at other times not at all. As a result people are sometimes thrown off balance and may go into a panic about small issues which they exaggerate, thinking that something will happen in their lives, while the issue lies on a totally different level and has a totally different purpose.  (...) Want to read more? Please subscribe to read the rest of this newsletter!



Master Morya
Meester Morya afbeelding copyright Mayil vzw

Since the very first contact with Master Morya in the early ‘80s He has become a most precious source of joy, friendship and insight for us. Through a close telepathic contact with Geert Crevits, He gave thousands of personal messages to people during a period of over 20 years, and He dictated over 40 books. To express in words what Master Morya can mean to a person is difficult… much better is for each person to experience some of it for themselves:

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